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Crystal Salt







Ormus is an acronym for "Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements," which is a complicated and mysterious state of matter, one which can strangely be physically observed with the senses, but yields little to those attempting to measure the atomic weight or even the physical weight of this substance. Ormus is highly polarizing, both causal and in it's effect -in fact, I'll prove it to you, right now. You are likely either already hovering over the back button, or a spark of magnetic intrigue has been lit within you upon reading these first few sentences about Ormus. See? Polarizing! If there is any one way to describe Ormus, it would be a "semi-etheric, polarizing catalyst agent (both physically, and emotionally/mentally). In other words, the effects of Ormus will give you more of what you already are.


Confused about Ormus? Get used to that sense of mystery. The vague sense of confusion sitting behind a veil of curiosity will actually deepen as you understand more about Ormus and related subjects. Get used to it. Just sink into the mystery of it, but still try to understand best you can. The truth is, mind is not equipped nor intended to understand that which exists beyond its consciously perceptible reach.

Ormus has gone by many names over the course of human history. It is likely the key to human health, and the way in which spirit animates matter. It's study, like all worthwhile subjects of interest, is comprised primarily by warring factions, skeptics, hermits, chemists, physicists, monks, magi, and yes, alchemists. Whether you know it or not, you interact with Ormus every day in the material sense, but you've likely encountered it in one of it's many forms, going by names such as:

  • Manna or "Manna from Heaven"

  • Noble Metals in a "Monatomic" State

  • The Philosopher's Stone

  • Ormus/Orme


In days long past, MFKTZ (STONE+FIRE+WATER) was a sacred material mystery, a question deemed worthy enough by ancient Egyptian nobility of the Priest and Pharoah class, to use as a central ingredient in most rituals involving Pharoah's communion with Spirit. 

When it comes to the more hard science of what Manna actually is elementally, atomically, and chemically, while still depending largely on who you ask, one thing is quite clear - that through alchemical refinement, the committed seeker can in fact give birth to a strange, wispy, etheric substance. This substance is said to be liquid light - a sort of semi-material consciousness, an alchemical bridge between matter and spirit, and its effects more than back that claim up.


Illustrating truly potent effects on mind, mood, and health, Ormus is said to improve general wellness and optimal states of being by giving the exponentially greater access to user  functional prana, or "useable" or free Qi, thus naturally raising one's vibration and exercising the energetic container as a natural side effect.  When used properly, Ormus offers multi-dimensional wellness and growth on a scale unlike anything you'll find on the shelves at your local GNC. But be warned, Ormus won't change the knob towards the polarity you aren't already leaning towards. So if you expect negative results, boy, ormus doesn't mind one bit helping you manifest more than you could wish on anyone. This is stated as a disclaimer. Do not take Ormus from low vibrational states of being.


One of the many reasons Ormus is so mysterious is due to the supra-material nature of this monoatomic salt. Although we can physically see that a differentiated substance has indeed settled to the bottom of our saltwater filled container submitted to an Ormus producing alchemical process, no lab analysis will verify what we ourselves can see, what we know for ourselves - that something has been created and exists in a state we simply don't understand. Ormus shows up spectroscopically a sort of skeleton key "seed" of noble metals elementally speaking, which is the key to it's many positive health benefits.


A metaphysical atmosphere of mystery & power manifests alongside strange sparks of light as the Ph of our salt solution is raised. This is literally the process of our sacred substance breaking through the quantum firmament, ceasing to exist as pure potential by entering into physicality via "etheric implosion" which essentially breaks down the molecular bonds comprising elemental matter housed and previously diamagnetically "hiding" at the molecular level, is forced to shine bright as it's molecular bonds are blasted into individual "cooper pairs." The solution is now saturated with a condensed form of what many believe to be the nutrient responsible for human health on every level, which we have nearly lost entirely in industrial agriculture due to monocropped topsoils and depleting nutrients in our soils.


It is said that during the birthing process of this material light, after releasing the doves, that consciousness slows itself down from the scalar field (think whatever state light exists in when moving faster than the known "speed of light"). Light beyond the speed of light is known as Scalar light, and are what I believe to be the expressions of higher dimensional matter, ie the quantum tesseract or the spiritual akashic record, from which the shadow comprising our lower dimensional plane of awareness is cast. Out of pure unconditional love, this light painfully binds itself into resonance with 3-5D awareness by slowing down it's vibratory rate of oscillation to an octave or density compatible with material expression on our physical plane via Aether or plasma, which is a more condensed and conscious form of light which shines from a higher dimensional source. 


Essentially Ormus is synonymous with "Manna," or "Manna from Heaven," as it was referred to in the Book of Exodus. The exiled Jews or the People of Israel, as they wandered without a country to in the deserts of Egypt, were given Manna in the form of Shewbread by Moses, who interestingly, was an Egyptian Noble (according to some controversial sources, Moses WAS Akhenaten, a powerful Pharaoh whose father went by the name Mosis.) We know that the Pharaoh's and Priests of Ancient Egypt would have had access to all sorts of Alchemy and Magic. Interestingly as well, alchemy actually originated in Egypt ("Al" - Of and Chem or "the Land of Khem" or in more modern translation, "The Studies Coming from Egypt," Khem being the name used by ancient Egyptians to refer to themselves) In certain hieroglyphs, we see the Egyptian Religious Nobility describing the process of procuring Manna, and cooking it into cakes called "Shewbread," a ceremonial cake used for ritual consumption by the Pharaoh in order to more closely commune with the now monotheistic solar deity, Aten, the precursor to the God of Abraham, YHWH, or Yahweh Elohim.

We've all played a video game where our character had to wait a period of time before he or she could cast the next spell, because of "Insufficient Manna." It's funny how ideas like this survive, because the fact that we run around picking up small orbs of light off the ground, and call it mana, which allows us to use magick, but have no idea what Manna is, why our in game avatar needs it, or what it's real world equivalent would be. 

This is interesting simply because David Hudson rediscovered this highly mysterious substance when it appeared at dawn with the fresh morning dew, as a fine white powderish substance which seemed to layer his crops. After much investigation, Hudson coined the substance Ormus, and spent millions trying to analyze it and come  to a working conclusion as to what it actually is. 


In short, Manna is the bridge between matter and spirit. It is the "seed" of noble metals like Platinum and Gold, but is likely also the seed of all matter in general.

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