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Bioacoustic acupuncture is a potent vibrational medicine modality which involves the use of sacred sound to influence subtle energies, promote healing, and stimulate the movement of light or Qi within and around the body, enabling profound emotional release and energetic repatterning & coherence on all levels, physiologically in the electromagnetic fields emanating from the heart & brain, the nervous system, and other bodily systems, as well as emotionally, allowing for higher vibrational states to entrain the energy of lower vibrations, enabling us to step into a higher expression of who we are. It is not only grounded in ancient understandings of subtle energies, but is validated and afforded contextual understanding by modern science (usually unintentionally) and the framework it provides for better understanding the way in which energetic fields interact with one another, such as the way in which sound interacts with both information & matter on physical, energetic, and the sub-atomic levels.


It is designed to provide the participant with an opportunity to "tune into" his or her unique inner landscape, and to re-activate the divine healing intelligence of the body, without the participant's conscious effort. Rather than the healing originating with the practitioner, the bioacoustic session provides the participant with a window in time, during which the stage is set to begin enticing this healing intelligence to awaken and do what it wants to do, create healing and harmony within the body-mind complex. We can use this window to essentially reset or entrain the frequency of the previously incoherent and scattered wave patterns of the brain and the nervous system to that of the more coherent and sacred sounds emitted by tuning forks, which have been precisely calibrated to ancient scales revered by the ancients. These scales, particularly the solfeggio scale, serve as an condensed vibrartory expression of the divine aspects of macrocosm. These are similar if not the very same forces responsible for certain celestial alignments having great effect on the personality on any individual born under that planetary alignment.  The tones can also  be likened to (sacred) geometry in motion. Did you know that many ancient cultures built sacred sites based on sacred geometric principles due to the very logical and likely true belief that these geometries act as a frozen music. What a beautiful and unique concept, one that is mathematically very sensible. 


During a session, the participant & practitioner will work together to identify & release energetic and emotional blockages, which result most often from repressing emotions, personality traits, or traumatic experiences at the unconscious level. When we experience trauma, or repress aspects of ourselves that we have unconsciously deemed unacceptable or unsafe for conscious perception, instead of naturally allowing the repressed emotion to integrate with the identity and to move freely through the physical and energetic bodies, they are  instead placed into a sort of holding tank located in the corresponding area of the biofield, (also known as the aura or auric field) in order to (unconsciously) prevent the content of the emotional pattern from being integrated with the greater self, due it being undesirable or perceived as unsafe by the unconscious mind.


While the unconscious is doing this with good intent, in order to protect the conscious mind, like the ego, when left to it's own devices, things can get out of control very fast. The result of this effort to keep us safe actually has the opposite effect. The results that follow repressing emotions are numerous and detrimental. They will create chaos, incoherence, disorder, disharmony, and entropy in the identity and in one;'s emotional life. If left unaddressed for long enough, the nature of these patterns signals to the body that a threat is present in the environment right now. This channels resources away from processing and restorative bodily functions such as the repair of cellular damage, genetic damage, the creation of new tissues, and processing information. Instead, it will send the energy it would have used on such processed to the limbs and the survival center in the brain, to enable the body to fight off or flee from the threat at hand.


This will begin to have varying degrees of negative impact on the physical body. These patterns will lead to numerous physical, mental, emotional, and energetic health issues by creating a signal incoherent with those of the greater system, leading to a perpetual fight or flight state, reduced energy, inability to focus, and a sense of being on overdrive. In fact, according to Dr. Joe Dispenza, we are incapable of seeing things from any perspective not energetically aligned to the frequency of our current brainwave state. In short, by repressing emotions that are too difficult for us to look at, everything we look at becomes distorted by the lens of that emotion. How ironic.


BIOACOUSTIC ACUPUNCTURE™ is a highly effective treatment modality for releasing these trapped emotions and for creating a coherent pattern in both brainwaves and the nervous system, allowing participants to step out of survival based perspectives, and to begin living with more orderly, intentional, and peaceful energies, and a perspective of peace and truth. It often leaves participants refreshed and totally transformed, providing a newfound "zest" for life. The incoherent pattern held in the field is not only released but after a successful clearing, is no longer capable of entraining the other systems of the body and mind to its own incoherent pattern. The energy and will required to keep the repressed trait or emotion held down becomes available once again for use in day to day life. New emotional experiences can be felt without the distortion of the trapped emotion. Harmony is restored to the body where once again, all systems, signals, and patterns operate as part of one unified whole, the singularity of you, as opposed to acting as isolated and totally independent systems unto themselves, creating chaos and entropy in doing so.


This safe and effective healing modality frees the participant from the shackles of limitation and lack. It allows us to step out of survival and into creation...

Are you ready to experience the invaluable opportunity to step into a higher and lighter expression of who you really are?

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