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Meet the Founder of Language of Light

With an unquenchable thirst for understanding the mysteries, knowledge of the unknown, and experiential wholeness, David Woodman has been passionately studying metaphysics, alternative healing, and ancient wisdom traditions since he was a child. He has explored esoteric spiritual traditions such as Kabbalah, Ritual Magick, Judeo-Christian Mysticism, as well as Eastern traditions like Taoism, Buddhism, some Hindu traditions, and more modern takes on “alternative” healing. He vividly recalls a sense of eager anticipation as his father told ghost stories around late August campfires each summer. This was perhaps what sparked his lifelong quest to understand the truth of it all, but there was definitely something magnetic about these ideas that he simply couldn't put aside.

Today, David serves as an energy healer, a transdisciplinary spiritual teacher, and practical spiritual development guide. He has studied and practiced a number of spiritual traditions, lineages, and mystery schools. As a result of his broad exploration, David found himself the creator of Bioacoustic Acupuncture or Bioacoustic Energy Therapy, a tangibly effective and powerful energy healing modality which relies on the most effective practices and aspects of the traditions David has explored himself. 


In addition to facilitating healing sessions, David offers meditation, breath work, and spiritual courses, workshops, and other teaching services. He has received his Holy Fire Reiki attunement and has worked with many practitioners and spiritual teachers. Through The Language of Light, he provides energy-healing, spiritual development, and physically restorative ongoing coaching programs. He helps students explore the unconscious directly, uncover the mysteries of the unseen world, and cultivate their own unique spiritual understanding.

David is on a mission to raise awareness and understanding of subtle energies and spiritual practice. He wants to show the world that the gap between science and spiritual understanding is narrowing. There is now a wealth of scientific research and academic study which affords the more spiritually inclined the same level of academic authority as those who criticize it. With such advances, David promotes the idea that evidence for the restorative effects of energy healing and the power of the mind can be found easily. Today, if you dismiss spiritual concepts as being nothing more than wishful thinking or hallucination, you simply haven't explored it deeply enough.

Rather than getting bogged down in dogma, David faces the nuances and complexities of spirituality with authenticity, helping his clients find their own unique connection to the divine. He encourages them to become deeply familiar with the subtleties and nuances of their individual inner landscapes. Positive thinking is helpful, but there is much more to be discovered in the more mundane aspects of spirituality, such as working with the breath and learning to access and trust intuition. With his guidance, students can learn to find their own path to spiritual awakening and liberation.

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