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The problems we at the Language of Light seek to address are those originating in emotional repression and the rise of technological "innovation."  While only one of a variety of issues contributing to emotional disharmony, most of us assume our devices to be harmless. The FCC knows what they are doing after all, don't they? Nothing could be farther from the truth (for more on this subject read “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenburg) We sleep under "smart blankets" and eat meals totally devoid of nutritional value (due to monocrop agriculture, depletion of topsoil nutrients and microflora,  and corporate greed), and then we legitimately wonder why we feel unwell. The blame shouldn't be placed entirely on the corporate perpetrators, nor on the victim’s lack of willingness to take responsibility. It is a give and take, and it takes two to tango.

We bathe ourselves in a sea of distraction and electromagnetic disturbance, resulting in the multifaceted mental and physical health crises we are currently facing as a species, with very little interest in truly resolving the issue collectively. Despite how things should be, the process of waking up to the deadly nature of our modern environments, and actually doing something to address the multitude of related issues, can really on take place for the individual, one person at a time. Unfortunately trying to do this work on the collective level affords those who would not like to see things change too much leverage, and those who aren't prepared to accept the implications simply won't hear it. They are masters of manipulating “public” opinion. Therefor, this endeavor must take place yes on the scale of the public, but in private, at least for the time being.


Greatly exacerbated by the aforementioned issue of EMFs, during times of stress, we all-too-easily repress the body's physical, energetic, and spiritual self-healing mechanisms, the intelligence that animates the components of our physicality into being. By repressing emotional experiences perceived as negative or painful, amplified by lifestyles of technologically induced dormancy, it isn't exactly hard to see why so many of us find ourselves in extraordinarily challenging labyrinths of a symptomatic nightmare, resulting from the onslaught of imbalance, induced by virtually all aspects of modern life.

These problems are compounded by our having lost our connection to the Earth, to our communities, to our purpose, and to ourselves, exchanging them for the sensory comfort and convenience that comes with technological development. However there is a cost to everything. In doing so, we have disconnected ourselves from meaning and the bigger picture of our universal connectedness, if only on the conscious level. And this is only the tip of the
iceberg in terms of the changes we must each make to our lifestyles in order to find peace, balance, and harmony.

With little to no practical means of escaping the maze of institutional corruption, the Language of Light Vibrational Wellness hopes to meet the growing need for legitimate, clear, and repeatable healing paths, enabling us a light to guide us out of the world of corruption, greed, and lacking personal accountability we have found ourselves in. As a growing number of institutional refugees flee our dying global system, many are finding asylum in spiritual practice.

Know that working with the Language of Light in any capacity requires no prior experience or knowledge of spiritual/alternative concepts. We don’t expect you to agree with everything we propose, nor would we want you to! Know that when you bring your problems and ailments to a session with us, there is never judgement, rather, we offer only compassionate understanding. This is not just lip-service, as David has lived enough life experience for something like 10 dramatically different lifetimes in his mere 31 years on this strange and wonderful rock. He has seen the highest of highs, and the lowest lows


Because of his broad and deep experience and perception, David does not have any interest in judgements or criticism. He has experienced some of truly gut-wrenching forms of emotional distress and trauma, so he understands how believing one’s life experience, problems, or traumas are simply too intense, too unique, or too specific to share. He also knows that this isn't true, it is the result of a runaway mind. If this describes your situation, know that this path calls to you for a reason. You are ready to heal. While he understand the reasons for wanting to hide one’s life experience or perspectives, David adamantly believes that doing so is simply a recipe for disaster. We are not designed to hold emotions inside of us. But are meant to be conductors for this form of energy, vehicles for the energies that come with perception. We are a sort of organic recording device for the universe’s energetic awareness, the Tao.

To accomplish healing and to help maintain balance long-term, The Language of Light also teaches a variety of powerful methods which enable even the most skeptical cynics to access greater parts of themselves through expanded awareness, personal exploration, energy work practices, and self-healing methods, which often take place profound ways. David is an advocate for "practical" spirituality, rather than focusing on theoretical dogma, irrelevant intellectual understanding, or any one narrow minded focus. Practical spirituality requires no baptisms, conversions, fear of damnation, or any other forms of dogma or rigid belief. It requires only three things, a mind open enough for at least the possibility of their being capable of offering value, a desire for healing strong enough to maintain consistency and discipline, and a mind capable of holding intention. Nothing more, nothing less.


Versed in ancient traditions from around the globe, David believes that every spiritual tradition contributes to the bigger spiritual picture, ultimately forming a sort of divine tapestry woven out of various threads cultural truths. To David, it almost seems as though all world religion was seeded not only to serve the people who received and refined the teachings, but for us here and now as well, if not more so. By this I mean that the teachings of religious and spiritual traditions from around the world, even those having no business sharing such eerily specific common denominators, are today, through fields of study like Comparative Mythology and Astrotheology, can very obviously be pieced together to formulate a true New-Age understanding of Universal Truth.

David aids the process of letting go of that which is not harmonious to our larger energy patterns, and the process of harmonizing the energies already within us, by serving as a sounding board, a guard rail, and a friend. Working with his healing services and programs to release and rebalance unconscious trauma, limiting beliefs, and energetic blocks require only perpetual curiosity, relentless determination, a determined will, a somewhat brutal level of honesty if only with oneself, and constant adaptation to changing conditions, both in one's inner landscape and in it’s reflection perceived as our external reality. The path David guides participants down can be nuanced and challenging, but is always compassionate and worthwhile. Know that while we will never push you beyond your limits, we will always try to help you expand your comfort zone. The guidance we offer balances developmental progress with a more realistic level of comfort and perceived safety, offering compassion for the you here and now, and compassion for the higher future expression of you, eagerly awaiting an opportunity to emerge into the fullness of it’s potential, but only when the time is right, when the limited version of you decides and becomes capable of stepping aside so that a higher manifestation of your being can be cultivated through you, as you, and for you, as well as for those you will come in contact with and serve.

Once you decide to do whatever it takes to step out of survival and into the unknown, which is a pre-requisite for true spiritual rebirth, reality can quickly become hazy and difficult to navigate. The ego becomes agitated, as it isn’t accustomed to the lack of control it has in this transitory state. It will buck and bridle, albeit in a legitimate effort to keep you safe, only in less than helpful or overly indulgent ways. Repressed fears and aversions, as well as physical and emotional discomfort, can become dramatically “louder” in terms of intensity and their convincing nature. But the seeker who finds ultimate success will tread onward, despite the very convincing nature of such distractions. The seeker must be single-minded at this stage of the process.

Success at this stage of development, where one comes to realize just how malleable the nature of reality actually is, and how dependent it is on our own perceptions, the seeker has reached a critical juncture. At this stage, and for some time later, discerning whether one is falling into a state of sheer psychosis, or actually awakening to truth of the Divine in all things, at least without support of an experienced guide, will become quite challenging if not impossible (not that progress is impossible, but recognizing it from within the confines of the experience itself as a solo practitioner would seem to be for a period where the seeker is transitioning out of belief, and into Gnosis). In other words, it becomes difficult to know if the experiences and perceptions one is encountering more and more frequently, are the result of a true spiritual awakening or merely due to some unknown but more secular causal factor. Perhaps these two polarized opposites are simply an expression of the same experiential truth, viewed through differing lenses or taking place in differing contexts. If the worlds most powerful sorcerer lives and works amongst intellectual computer programmers with zero interest in anything else, his or her natural abilities will be perceived as a mental health issue. This is the state of affairs we magicians are living with, but that time is coming to an end, and its doing so more rapidly than you might expect.

This is where we do our best work. The Language of Light is here to guide you along the path back home to yourself, offering specific healing services, energy-work and spiritual practices, coaching programs, workshops, and courses along the way, none of which will be found on YouTube or Gaia. As you begin to step into a renewed desire to really live your life to the fullest, or a desire to merge the will of the higher Christ consciousness with that of the lower animal self, the result at this stage inevitable, one WILL come to experience that which is sought after. It is natural law. When one realizes that his awareness and will, and that of the Highest Self (source), are one, simply by this realization alone, actually merges the awareness of the two. The magic of this is that we can enable ourselves to want to do “God’s Work,” which is now our work, as through this realization, the two are one in the same. David is here to help you maintain a positive trajectory towards your desired goals, towards living with wholeness and experienced inner-peace. We will help you to maintain the the momentum that you will have naturally built up through practice. He wants to help you to stabilize the energy patterns you have cultivated, allowing you to bring them into other facets of your life, giving you the opportunity to begin living with a lighter heart, inner and outer abundance, and lasting inner peace, all of which David is sure to be waiting for you on the other side of your pain and perceived limitations. These perceived limitations are merely doorways into Gnosis, which you see from the illusory perspective of being in Duality, as something entirely negative and worth avoiding. When you understand that this work is a very real and very sacred birth rite, you will see that nothing could be farther from the truth.

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